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Who Said It: “Please, Jenna can’t hear us, she’s blind.” ?

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Don’t curse my sister, ‘cus y’know imagine if you sister gets a partner like you, doing all these. 


To whom it may concern: No idea if you check this space, but my guts tell me, you will.

I know what you saw. As for King, dude, he talked dirty, did you see my replies? I didn’t give two shits. So dude, he’s the slut. Not me. I took a screenshot and sent my friends and we had a good laugh over his despo-ness. 

Next, David, we’re friends, so? 

Next, Tinder is for sluts? Sorry whether or not you’re a slut is determined by whether you fuck around. I don’t. I haven’t had a dick in my hand, too. (Vis a vis your tweet) 

Also, stop embarrassing yourself on Twitter. It’s foolish. Why am I not defending myself? Because that’s what you want. You want me to defend myself and get a reaction from me, and have me talk to you. Nope. You’re having baseless accusations, based on what PEOPLE say to me, which I CLEARLY did not entertain. 

As and when we were done, who I meet is none of your business. EVEN IF I were to fuck around, it’s none of your business, BUT I’ve done NOTHING. Your family are the ONLY ONES you haven’t told the truth to? Geez. Please show them the proof you have - it does not equate to your accusations, and you know it. 

Runs in my family? Okay. Bad upbringing? Ok, whether I need you to PAY me for anything? Nope. 

I utterly hate you, and I won’t give you the privilege of even TALKING to me. You’ll realise one day, your baseless accusations. Also, your breach of my privacy, your emails with your names, your texts with your names, and your tweets, (especially those explicitly tagging me, which you then deleted) has been saved. If you continue to harass me, I will take further action, which is quite simple, with your full address and IC number which I have. 

Rest assured, your accusations are baseless, and you’re very wrong. Take care. 

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Cause without all the memories, it wouldn’t hurt so damn much.

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you win or you die

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this would be heaven.

this would be heaven.

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